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Ramliftpro adjusable ride height

Adjust your ride height on the fly!

Easily navigate uneven roads at the flick of a switch.

Raise your coilover equipped car with ease!

Just raise or lower with a momentary rocker switch to quickly achieve your selected ride height. 

No more scraping your front end going up your driveway, over a speed bump or loading in your trailer.


  • -12v Electric Hydraulic pump

  • -Compact size installs with ease into most vehicles with coilovers or coilover kits.

  • -Internal pump valving will hold car at height.

  • -Only power, ground wiring connections to make.

  • -Only four plumbing connections to make.

  • -Systems available with 1.25", 2.5"  & 40mm lift rams.

  • Fits common 2" body shocks and 2.5" coil over springs (note: may fit others)

ramliftpro hydraulic ride height adjustment kit
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